Privacy Policy

As a website owner, I believe it is important and helpful to know my audience, understand where they come from, what they are reading and how much time they spend on my website.

However, like many people nowadays, I do not like being tracked on the Internet. Big Internet companies collect your personal data across millions of websites, some of which you visit everyday. With this data, they build a precise profile of who you are, what your interests are, what you buy, what you believe in… They use these profiles to provide advertisement or search results that is more relevant to you. Or sell these to third-parties.

As an individual, I am strongly against theses privacy-invasive practices, and I make sure to use tools to protect my privacy, such as:

  • DuckDuckGo as my search engine.
  • uBlock Origin, as an privacy safeguard (blocks ads, tracking scripts, malware programs…). It’s free, open source and works on all browsers.
  • Firefox, as my main browser. It’s free, open source, and more privacy oriented than closed source browsers like Google Chrome.
  • Quad9, as my DNS provider. Too many people use Google’s DNS service… which is another way for Google to know the websites you visit.

Does track you?

Yes. This website uses a tracking tool called Matomo (formerly known as Piwik). It is an open-source software that provide website analytics for this blog. I selected this tool because it is privacy oriented, unlike Google Analytics and similar software.

However (and that’s very important to me!):

  • Matomo runs locally, which means that all the data is hosted and stored on my server only. It is not shared with third-parties.
  • Your IP address is stored and used anonymously: only the first 3 bytes are visible, e.g. 123.45.67.XXX. This allows me to know the country of origin of my visitors.
  • Matomo does not track you if you activated the Do Not Track option of your browser. I respect your wish not to be tracked. You’re the boss!

How to delete my data?

If you don’t want to track you, you can activate the Do Not Track option in your browser. Additionally, you can delete any data gathered by with this formular:

Third-party tools

Generally speaking, I do not use any third-party script that could in fine track you through

One exception: the comments posted on this website are processed by Akismet antispam solution. This tool prevents bots from spamming this website. You can review Akismet’s privacy policy here.

If you have any question, please contact me!